visionimgThe soul of education is the development of a child – physical, intellectual, emotional, psychic and spiritual. Shanti Nilaya High School is dedicated to focus its energy, thinking and planning towards realizing this objective for every child. Genuine love and care makes a child identify himself/herself with teachers and the school. Sincere and constant efforts are made to permeate the school atmosphere with love and care through a well knit programme of persuasive value oriented education.
Shanti Nilaya High School is set to adopt new ways of learning creative skills in “learning to learn” in the new knowledge era. This would inspire and motivate all stakeholders – teachers, administrators, parents and children. Shanti Nilaya High School is committed to realise its vision by making its logo (Knowledge is Nectar) a living reality.
Shanti Nilaya High School is firm in discipline but not harsh with its students. It has faith in the students and permits them to grow and develop by appreciating their efforts and encouraging their natural growth-irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender and socio-economic background.