Principal Desk

principal“For every hill I’ve had to climb…………..
For all the blood and sweat and grime…………..
My heart sings but a grateful song…………..
There were the things that made me strong”

The above lines carry a deeper meaning than the written. “A Challenge can be viewed as climbing a hill. Going up the hill requires desire, determination & dedication. Along the way there may be unexpected obstacles. Nevertheless, the obstacles are overcome and the climbing up the hill continues. The mere sight of the final destination makes us feel stronger.”


From the principals Learning Desk! Educating for life! Education for a better world! Educated for a better tomorrow! Are you? Check. Inculcate humane values in our children. If we want a better tomorrow we must inculcate humane values in our children. As the Chinese proverb holds ,”if you are planning for a year ,grow rice, If you are planning for ten years plant a tree, If you are planning for hundred years ,provide education to children.

It is essential to remember what R.N Tagore has said. “Values cannot be taught, they must be caught. As we are in a fast changing world, Dear friends my request to one and all is let education inculcate in each of a sense of belongingness with your fellow people and neighbors, regardless of one another’s faith and customs. Learn to live together. Today a teacher is to be a role model; Bringing in harmony and liberating the child from every bond of negativity. Focus on character building and holistic development. The world is full of knowledge; never shut your door of interest& curiosity “READ & READ & READ.A child who is an excellent reader is a confident child, has a self esteem and is able to make a transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Sr. Mary Suma PHJC. Principal.