Club Competitions Plan

Session 2019-2020

Date Day Club Competition
24-06-19 Monday Literary Club
(Sr. Jancy PHJC, Mrs. Jency Sijo)
1. Poem Recitation / Spell Check [Nursery to V]
2. Extempore Speech [VI to XII] (Importance of Human Rights)
3. Story Telling [I to V]
4. Panel Discussion [VI to XII] (Importance of Being Multilingustic & Spell Check)
5. English Drama (I to XII) (Maximum 10 participants in each team) (Theme:- International Peace)
06-07-19 Saturday Eco Club (Mrs. Deepika Swami, Mrs. Pallavi Pradhan & Sr. Anamika PHJC) 1. Poster Making [V to XII] (Theme-Conservation of Heritage)
2. Collage [IV to VIII] (Theme –National Festivals)
3. Vegetable / Fruit Carving [I to XII]
4. Logo Making [VI to XII]
5. Slogan Writing [I to V ] (Theme:- Save Trees / Save Wildlife)
19-07-19 Friday Hindi Club
(Mrs. Madhuri Patidar & Mrs. Sheetal Bharadiya)
Details Coming Soon.
08-08-19 Thursday Science Club
(Mrs. Neha Sangwa, Mrs. Sapna Patidar & Miss Shailja Upadhyay)
1. Science Magazine [VI to XII]
2. Science Race [VI to VIII]
3. Circuit Debugging [IX to XII]
4. Quiz [VI to VIII]
5. Poster Making [I to V]
24-08-19 Saturday Maths Club
(Mr. Rais Khan, Mr. Kaloo Namdev)
1. Cross Word Puzzle [III to IX]
2. Quiz [III to XII]
3. Calculation with Abacus [IV to VIII]
4. Clay Modelling (Using Maths Shapes) [VI to XII]
5. Reasoning Test (VIII to XII)
09-09-19 Monday Health and Wellness Club
(Mrs. Rekha Ghodke, Mrs. Archana Sharma & Miss Minal Sharma)
1. Banner Making (VI to XII) (Theme:- Donate Blood, Donate Organs)
2. Poster Making on Healthy Food Habits (VI to XII)
3. Story Writing (VIII to XII)
4. Glass Painting (III to XII)
5. Mono-Act (VI to XII)
20-09-19 Friday Cultural Club
(Ms. Sunita Masih, Mrs. Pinky Jaiswal, Mrs. Rinky Deshmukh)
1. Greeting Card Making (I to XII)
2. Dance – Solo (I to XII) – Group
3. Instrumental & Vocal Music (I to XII)
4. Photo Frame Making (I to XII)
5. Mehandi (VI to VIII)
6. Hair Style (IX-XII)
19-10-19 Saturday S. St. Club
(Mr. Mukesh Khairnar & Mrs. Deepika Swami)
1. Quiz [V to X]
2. Fancy Dress as Freedom Fighter. [I to VI]
3. Planetarium [VI to XII]
4. Speech (Constitution of India) (V to XII)
5. Mock Parliament (VIII to XII)