About Shanti Nilaya High School

Shanti Nilaya school was founded in the year 1976. This is a minority private institution run by P.H.J.C. Sisters registered in Madya pradesh as Katharina kasper social service society. The school recieved C.B.S.C Affillated on 30th of june 2011. The School aims at the all round development of the students and educate them to be person fully dedicaed to nation and to be worthy citizens of tomorrow…



Harmonious development of the child as well as the unfolding of his/her potentialities. Developmenting the character of the students with attitudes needed for a balanced , confident maturation outgoing and preper of complete living. Providing knowledge of all such subject to think scientifically and make decisions realistically. Inspiring child to have a spirit of love and respect for all ,for God and our country. Developing qualities like leadership , creativity, nationalism and humanitarian feeling.