Year Plan


March 2017 | Value of Month – Hardwork and Success

15-03-17 Wednesday Academic Session 2017-18 begins
17-03-17 Friday Rangpanchami Holiday
20-03-17 to 25-03-17 Monday to Saturday Summer Camp (For Class Nursery to Class – VIII)
27-03-17 to 28-03-17 Monday to Tuesday Staff Training Programme Smart Class TN Serve – Introduction Training
29-03-17 Wednesday Gudi Padwa Holiday

April 2017 | Value of Month – Humility

05-04-17 Wednesday Ram Navmi Holiday
08-04-17 Saturday Mahavir Jayanti
10-04-17 Monday Vidyarambh Ceremony (Nursery)
14-04-17 and 15-04-17 Friday and Saturday Good Friday and Ambedkar Jayanti Holiday
17-04-17 to 21-04-17 Monday to Friday Unit Test – 1 for Classes Nursery to X English, Hindi, Maths, Science, S. St., Sanskrit, Computer & (Unit I Class XII all subjects).
24-04-17 to 27-04-17 Monday to Thursday Carnival Classes I to VIII; Special Classes IX, X & XII
28-04-17 Friday Teacher’s Seminar
29-04-17 Saturday Parshuram Jayanti Holiday
29-04-17 to 14-06-17   Summer Vacation for PNC to Class VIII

June 2017 | Value of Month – Team Work

05-06-17 Monday Teachers Report on Duty at School
07-06-17 to 12-06-17 Wednesday to Monday Special Classes X & XII
15-06-17 Thursday Re-opening of the School for PNC to IX
15-06-17 Thursday Caping Ceremony Nursery to XII
15-06-17 Thursday Selection of Class Monitors, Discipline Incharges and Class Librarian
16-06-17 Friday Sarva Dharma Prarthana Conducted by Class X & XII Students and Guided by Sr. Hepsiba, Mrs. Jency Sijo & Mrs. Neha Sangwa
23-06-17 Friday Literary Club Competitions – Poem Recitation, Speech, Spell Check, Story Telling, Calliography, Panel Discussion, Running Commentary, ASL (For All Classes) Hand Writing. (Sr. Hepsiba, Mrs. Jency Sijo)
24-06-17 Saturday PTM

Unit Test – 1 for Classes Nursery to X
Unit I Class XII all Subjects
26-06-17 Monday Eid Ul Fitr Holiday as per schedule

July 2017 | Value of Month – Honesty

03-07-17 Monday Submit Question paper for I Periodic Test Classes Nursery to X
04-07-17 Tuesday Eco Club Competitions – Poster Making, Drama, Plantation & Logo Making. (Mrs. Sheetal & Mrs. Rekha)
05-07-17 Wednesday Investiture Ceremony (Mr. Sarfaraj, Mr. Mahadev, Sr. Hepsiba, Miss Shailja.
08-07-17 Saturday Last Date to Submit the Question Papers for Unit Test – I for Class XI
08-07-17 Saturday Magic Square for Classes 6 to 8 & Make object with help of many shapes of paper for Classes 1 to 5 by Maths Club (Mr. Kaloo & Mr. Bharat)
19-07-17 Wednesday Hindi Club Competition – Shrut Lekhan, Kavita Gayan, Vaad-Vivaad, Tatkalin Bhashan (Ms. Madhuri, Ms. Priyanka, Ms. Rekha)
20-07-17 TO 25-07-17 Thursday to Tuesday I Unit Test XI
24-07-17 to 02-08-17 Monday to Wednesday I Periodic Test for Classes Nursery to X

August 2017 | Value of Month – Patriotism

05-08-17 Saturday Science Club Competitions – Poster Making, Debate, Quiz, Treasure Hunt, Model Making (Mrs. Neha & Mrs. Sapna Patidar)
07-08-17 Monday Raksha Bandhan Holiday
08-08-17 to 12-08-17 Tuesday to Saturday Preparation for Independence day Celebrations (Mr. Sarfaraj, Mr. Mahadev, Mrs. Deepika, Miss Khushboo(T), Mrs. Sheetal & Mrs. Rekha(G), Mr. Gajanan , Miss Vinita(S), Mr. Kaloo, Mrs. Jency(N))
12-08-17 Saturday Rakhi Making for Classes I to VIII by Cultural Club
15-08-17 Tuesday Independence Day Celebration (Mr. Sarfaraj & Mr. Mahadev)
18-08-17 Friday Paper Submission for Class XI & XII
19-08-17 Saturday PTM (I Periodic Test)
21-08-17 Monday Maths Club Competitions – Crossword Puzzle, Quiz, Panel Discussion Maths V/s Science, Abacus Instrument with waste material (Mr. Bharat & Mr. Kalu)
25-08-17 Friday Ganesh Chaurthi (Holiday)
26-08-17 to 31-08-17 Saturday to Thursday Class XI & XII – Term 1
28-08-17 to 02-09-17 Monday to Saturday Unit Test – 2 (Nursery to X)

September 2017 | Value of Month – Respect / Obedience

01-09-17 Friday Health & Wellness Club Competitions – Speech on Healthy Food Habits, Fruit Salad Making, Drama, Healthy Food Habits (Poster Making). (Miss Shailja & Miss Arti)
02-09-17 Saturday Eid-Ul-Zuha (Holiday)
04-09-17 Monday Submit Question Paper for Periodic Test – 2 (Nursery to X).
05-09-17 Tuesday Teacher’s Day Celebration & Teacher’s Meet. (Sr. Lissa & Board of Leaders Class – XI & XII)
11-09-17 to 16-09-17 Monday to Saturday Preparation for Periodic II Classes Nursery to X & Unit Test II for Classes XI & XII. S. E. A. for Nursery to X, Lab Activities for XI & XII
16-09-17 Saturday Rangoli For Classes 4 to 8 & Diya / Candle Decoration for Classes 1 to 5 by Cultural Club (Miss Sunita & Mrs. Pinky)
23-09-17 Saturday Unit Test – 2/ I Term XI & XII (PTM)
27-09-17 to 30-09-17 Wednesday to Saturday Dusshera Holidays

October 2017 | Value of Month – Humanness / Service to Humanity

02-10-17 Monday Moharram and Mahatma Gandhi Birthday Holiday
04-10-17 to 12-10-17 Wednesday to Thursday Periodic Test – 2 (Nursery to X)
Unit Test – 2 for Classes XI & XII
05-10-17 Thursday Maharishi Valmiki’s Birthday (Holiday)
18-10-17 to 21-10-17 Wednesday to Saturday Dipawali Holidays
28-10-17 Saturday (PTM)
Periodic Test – 2 (Nursery to X)
Unit Test – 2 for Classes XI & XII
30-10-17 Monday Cultural Club Competitions – Fancy Dress, Rangoli, Mehandi, Group Dance and Solo Dance, Group Song and Solo Song (Miss Sunita, Mrs. Pinky, Mrs. Deepika & Mr. Bharat)

November 2017 | Value of Month – Innocence / Simplicity

04-11-17 Saturday Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday)
10-11-17 Friday S. St. Club Competitions – Mono Act as Freedom Figther, Quiz Competition, Election & Model Parliament Function Display and Planetarium (Mr. Gajanan)
14-11-17 Tuesday Children’s Day Celebration (Miss Khushboo, Mrs. Deepika, Miss Vinita, Miss Arti)
25-11-17 Friday Annual Function (Management, All the Staff & Board of Leaders)
29-11-17 to 06-12-17 Wednesday to Wednesday Term – 2 (XI & XII)

December 2017 | Value of Month – Love / Peace / Joy

02-12-17 Saturday Eid E Milad-Un –Nabi (Holiday)
04-12-17 to 09-12-17 Monday to Saturday Unit – 3 (Nursery to X)
18-12-17 to 22-12-17 Monday to Friday I Pre Board Class – XII
15-12-17 Friday Submit Ques. Paper for III Periodic Test (Nursery to X)
16-12-17 Saturday PTM Term – 2 (XI & XII) & Unit – 3 (Nursery to X)
23-12-17 Saturday Christmas Celebration (Sr. Hepsiba, Mrs. Jency Sijo)
25-12-17 to 27-12-17 Monday to Wednesday Christmas & Winter Holidays
28-12-17 Thursday School will be Reopen for IX to XII

January 2018 | Value of Month – Equality / Fraternity

02-01-18 Monday Classes will be Reopen PNC to VIII
02-01-18 to 06-01-18 Monday to Saturday Project Submission For Classes Nursery to X (S. E. A. Record)
06-01-18 Saturday PTM – I Pre-Board – XII
08-01-18 to 18-01-18 Monday to Thursday II Pre – Board for Class XII
III Periodic Test for Class Nursery to X
15-01-18 Monday Annual Question Paper Submission for I to X
26-01-18 Friday Republic Day Celebration (Mr. Sarfaraj & Mr. Mahadev & Mrs. Deepika & Miss Khushboo (T), Mrs. Sheetal & Mrs. Rekha (G), Mr. Gajanan & Miss Vinita (S), Mr. Kaloo & Mrs. Jency (N) )
Farewell for Class XII tentatively

February 2018 | Value of Month – Perseverance

03-02-18 Saturday PTM
II Pre – Board for class XII
III Periodic Test for Class Nursery to X
05-02-18 to 14-02-18 Monday to Wednesday X Pre-Board
13-02-18 Tuesday Mahashivratri (Holiday)
15-02-18 to 02-03-18 Thursday to Friday Annual Exam for Nursery to IX & XI

March 2018 | Value of Month – Success / Fairness

02-03-18 Friday Holi (Holiday)
06-03-18 Tuesday Rang Panchami (Holiday)
10-03-18 Saturday Open House (Result Day) Nursery to IX and XI
14-03-18 Wednesday School Reopens (Nursery to X & XII)

April 2018 | Value of Month – Discipline / Unity

23-04-18 to 28-04-18 Monday to Saturday Summer Camp (Carnival) (Nursery to IX)

1. Annual Examination, Result announcement, improvement of performance (EIOP) if alteration occurs dates will be declared later.
2. I Mid – Term, II Mid-Term, Pre – Board and Annual Exam for Classes (Pre – Board IX, X), XI & XII if alteration occurs dates will be declared later.
3. Class Academy will be conducted every Saturday in the last period.
4. House wise Academy on the last Saturday of every month.
5. During the school hours parents are not allowed to meet teachers.
6. Annual Exam Question Papers should be submitted before 25 days of the Exam.